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Vibrator Combiner Rails

•  The decagons rollers cause more vibration and rotation than round rollers or spherical beads as the mass of cylindrical containers flow through the converging walls of the combiner rails.

•  Overlapping roller rows are spaced as close as possible and attention to size relationship (decagon diameter to container diameter) prevents pockets that actually invite jams.

•  This design precludes the use of secondary pneumatic or electronic vibratory devices.

•  This close size relationship produces an optimum combining vibration with minimal jostling of the containers as they move through the converging walls of the combining rails. This provides a more stable combining environment, even for the empty light weight 10, 16 and 20 oz. and 1, 2 and 3 liter Pet containers.

•  Decagon corners contact the sides of cylindrical containers and when sufficient pressure is applied, provide an "additional moment of movement" not possible with round on round.

•  These finite corners will also turn CW or CCW, as the combining pressure is applied, thus providing a combining wall with action which never just stays immobile. This will minimize the necessity of keeping the combining chamber primed with product at all times.

•  Rollers are molded from DuPont's tough Acetal Copolymer material which will provide years of wear life in industrial application.

These Vibratory Combiner Rails (VCR) have a unique construction which is user-friendly.

•  No top or bottom side; no bolt, screw or rivet heads protruding from the frame.

• The HMWP shaft holder plates, Grivory (Iron-Glass) shafts, and DuPont’s Acetal decagons, sub-assembly can easily be removed from the custom extruded aluminum frame for cleaning or repair.

• The customer’s mounting bracket provisions can traverse anywhere along the entire length of the extruded aluminum frame, then be locked in place or be relocated when necessary using 5/16” carriage bolts.

•  The heaviest possible Satin Anodized Finish (60 minutes) is applied to the aluminum frames and will withstand hostile industrial environments.

•  Open light weight construction (4#/ft prox.) permits quick and easy cleaning.                                                      

While our specially designed decagon shapes provide a big improvement for that "extra" container "vibrational" effect...

The "Inclusive Angle” of the installed "Combiner Rails" is also “Crucially" important...

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